Рецензиялау процесі

Editorial recommendations 

The editors of the Journal regularly consult recommendations of global editorial associations to revise their Journal editorial policies. The authors are also advised to familiarize with the following recommendations for improving the quality of the manuscripts and adhering to the updated ethical standards:


ICMJE recommendations

CSE’s White Paper on Promoting Integrity in Scientific Journal Publications

Core practices (COPE)


Internal and external peer review policy


All submissions are checked by the Editor-in-Chief, scientific consultant, and at least 2 external reviewers prior to a publication decision. Reviewers are invited by the Editor-in-Chief based on their previous academic contributions and other characteristics. The reviewers should consider the following ethical guidelines.


The Journal operates double-blind peer review model (reviewer and author identities are blinded). The 1st round of the peer review lasts approximately 3 weeks.